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Intervention is a professionally directed education process resulting in a face to face meeting of family members, friends and/or employers with the person in trouble with alcohol or drugs. People who struggle with addiction are often in denial about their situation and unwilling to seek treatment. They may not recognize the negative effects their behavior has on themselves and others. Intervention helps the person make the connection between their use of alcohol and drugs and the problems in their life. The goal of Intervention is to present the alcohol or drug user with a structured opportunity to accept help and to make changes before things get even worse.  We provide Family Intervention Services in Phoenix, AZ as well as Nationwide and Internationally.

An addiction Intervention that is done correctly will be a calm and controlled experience, not the over- exaggerated drama that is portrayed on reality television shows.

Effective Case Management has a major impact on the quality of care a client receives during the treatment process for clients entering treatment and recovery. Having a key resource who is fully knowledgeable of the client and their history helps accelerate and enhance a client's treatment experience.  An Independent Case Manager is typically involved in communication with all providers, assistance with treatment approaches, treatment planning, family communication and aftercare planning.  Having a liaison between the client, treatment providers and the family can many times help resolve issues that can derail treatment in early recovery. The recommendations and decisions regarding transition from treatment back into the client's home and environment can make a difference between a successful reintegration or a disappointing setback.

Case Management is included with Intervention Services during the treatment phase of recovery and is available post-treatment as a separate service.

Addiction Treatment is a challenging decision for families facing the many options that are offered on the internet. The most appealing or expensive options, or the centers with the best marketing website are not always the appropriate choice for your loved one.  We take into account all factors in the case such as age, addiction or mental health history, co-occurring disorders, trauma, prior treatment experience, insurance, financial issues, location, etc. to determine the best course of treatment for each individual case.  We provide addiction treatment placement along with Intervention as part of our services.

Unlike some professionals or websites that advertise "addiction help", we do not accept referral fees from treatment centers we refer to. 

When families are dealing with an active addiction, it is one of the most difficult times they will face in their lives.  Family Intervention & Recovery Services provides coaching and education services for families that are in crisis or struggling with their situation.  We are knowledgeable in specific models that aid the family coping with the changes that they have gone through while living with an active addict or a recovering addict. Regardless of an addict’s choices, working with a Family Recovery Coach helps a spouse, partner or parents, etc. to avoid the mental obsession and anxiety that plagues so many families affected by addiction and learn to lead sane and productive lives.

Safe transport services are important for those traveling to treatment and for those traveling in early recovery.  We provide experienced supportive transporters to travel with your loved one and to insure they arrive safely at their destination. We will meet the client where they are and address any fears and anxiety that they may be experiencing. 


Dad, Boston , MA

Karen, our family cannot thank you enough for helping us save our son’s life.  Without your help, we would never have gotten him to agree to seek help.  We are only upset that we did not find you sooner


Mother, San Francisco, CA

When I got on the internet and started looking for help for my daughter who was in crisis,  I was completely overwhelmed and discouraged.  Thank God that someone referred us to you.  Within 36 hours of contacting you our daughter was on her way to treatment with you. Thank you for guiding us to help save her life.


Father, Tucson, AZ

Our son was so resistant and volatile that we had given up hope of convincing him to accept help.  We truly felt that an intervention would be a waste of money and effort.   You and your team worked a miracle when he agreed to go to rehab with your transporter the day of the intervention.  I highly recommend your services. INTERVENTION WORKS!!


Mother, Scottsdale, AZ

We had no idea how much we were contributing to our daughter’s drug problem until we decided to go with you for the intervention services.  You not only helped us save her life, you educated us and gave us tools to make the changes we needed to stop enabling her. We have our daughter back! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Rev. Ken L


Karen’s personal style is no-nonsense and firm, but without being overbearing or impersonal.  She calms people down.  She affirms them.  She is a credible encourager.  She brings spiritual health to her work, showing sincere compassion for family members for whom this is one of the most difficult undertakings of their lives, and gives them words of hope that carry more than mere sentiment.  I most heartily recommend her services to you.  I cannot imagine how you could be disappointed.


Father in Paradise Valley, AZ

Dear Karen, Thank you for your help yesterday.  It would have been a very different event without your coaching and guidance.  You've obviously done this a few hundred times.


Seattle, WA

Thank you, Karen!!  We are all so grateful that Dave is on the way to recovery.  YOU WERE GREAT!!